Robert Cox

Contemporary sculpture inspired by nature

Leaf Form

Raising the profile of wood sculpture from traditional craft to contemporary fine art.

Nature has bestowed on us a never-ending treasure chest of patterns and form.

It is this form that I draw upon for inspiration, through the beauty of wood and the material's complementary surface pattern.

My love of natural forms within nature, and an understanding of the structure and form of wood have allowed me to produce exquisitely executed Contemporary fine art wood sculpture. I respect the wood as a living organism and allow it to lead my pieces towards their completed image.

My pieces are constantly evolving, reflecting the ever changing and infinite possibilities of nature. Leaf forms, flower seeds and natural forms all inspire my work and push it forward to new levels.

My latest series of work explores the concept of repetition within nature by using mirrors and reflective techniques, whilst still retaining a love of the organic form and the beauty of wood.